Silk Screen Printing

What is Silk Screening?

Silk screening printing is an excellent method for creating versatile images on all types of garments and fabric goods. Silk screening produces bright, vibrant colors and gives a good-looking opaque image on either dark or light colored goods. It is the most efficient way to print a large volume of shirts at an affordable price.

Up to 8 solid colors can be printed, or a CYMK process silk screening print can create the illusion of unlimited tones and colors. Standard print size is 13.5”x17”, and oversized is up to 19”x23”.

Screen printing is the most common method of custom t-shirt printing.  For screen-printing, one screen is made for each color in your design. Your design is then printed one color at a time. The finished design will have long lasting durability and vibrant color.

Ready to Order Your Custom T-Shirt from 4Color Prints and More? Our screen print pricing is based on the number of colors in your graphic and the number of placements to be printed. CALL NOW for personalized one-on-one service.

Where can you print my logo onto the shirt? Logos may be printed on the front, back, left or right sleeves or a combination of any or all of these locations.

Can I combine shirt styles, colors and sizes? Yes, if the print size and color do not vary, then shirt styles, color and sizes may be combined.