Custom Labels

Product labels are among the most important communication tools between your company and potential customers. They also provide an assortment of creative ways to market your message. Place your brand on paper, glass, fabric, stone, and everything in-between.

4Color Prints and More uses high quality flexographic printing to provide affordable, custom labels to fit all of your size and color requirements. We also offer short-run digital printed labels. There are several options available including paper or poly face stocks, lamination or UV coating, textured finishes, printing on the back of the label, metallic leafing, and more. 

Custom Digital Labels, which is best for you?

The process of traditional and modern digital printing begins with making a design into a printing plate. Then, that plate is set up on a press to imprint your design onto labels as they’re fed into the press. Though printing plates are highly efficient and cost effective for large-scale orders, they take time to create and carry significant setup and changeover costs, making them inefficient for short and medium sized runs. Like much more high-tech versions of desktop printers, digital label printers read digital design files and use ink heads to print those designs directly onto label materials — eliminating the need for plates.


  • Labels aren’t just for products. Consider labels for return addresses, warnings, or a quick way to tag specials and sales!C